Maricopa Ambulance’s Scottsdale ambulance technology honored with national EMS Award for safety

The technology in Maricopa Ambulance’s Scottsdale 9-1-1 ambulance fleet has been recognized with a national EMS award by the American Ambulance Association for Patient and Employee Safety.

The AMBY Award for Patient and Employee Safety Programs recognizes Priority Ambulance, the national parent company for Maricopa Ambulance, for its ongoing commitment to creating a culture of safety and raising the bar for vehicle safety standards in the EMS industry.

Beginning with the ten ambulances to serve the City of Scottsdale 9-1-1 contract, Priority Ambulance launched a nationwide comprehensive, multi-year vehicle safety initiative designed to reduce risks association with traffic accidents, unsafe driving behaviors, distracted driving, fatigued driving and patient safety.

“We knew that in going with Maricopa, safety was going to be a No. 1 priority,” said Scottsdale Fire Chief Tom Shannon. “The safety strategies include the huge investment they’ve made in technology in their units to keep vehicles within the lanes and forewarn about upcoming traffic and hazards, as well as the policies and procedures that we engage in and negotiate in terms of our deployment strategies to make sure that we get to the call appropriately.”

The Scottsdale 9-1-1 fleet is one of the first ambulance fleets in the country to have Safe Drive Systems, an aftermarket collision avoidance and lane departure system. Additionally, Maricopa Ambulance implemented Street Eagle driver behavior monitoring to identify poor and unsafe driving habits and provide improvement incentives and strategies.

In addition to the safety technology already implemented in the Scottsdale fleet, Maricopa Ambulance is conducting a trial of a drowsy and distracted driving prevention system, Seeing Machines Guardian System. The system uses in-cab sensors and cameras to track the eye movement and face of the driver and provides in-vehicle alerts and notifies on-duty supervisors of fatigue events or distractions.

Maricopa Ambulance is also taking advantage of safety options installed in the City of Scottsdale’s infrastructure. Scottsdale 9-1-1 ambulances are equipped with Opticom traffic signal pre-emption equipment that clears traffic when an ambulance is responding to an emergency.

“During the bidding and contracting process, it was clear to us that the Scottsdale Fire Department shared our commitment to safety for our crews, patients and communities,” said Gibson. “Safety is the cornerstone of our core values, and the Scottsdale 9-1-1 is one of the safest fleets in the country by design. We have seen great initial results from the driver behavior monitoring programs and aftermarket lane departure and collision avoidance systems that we have placed in Scottsdale. Because of those successes, we are rolling out the program to our full ten-state operation.”

To date, all vehicles in the Priority Ambulance fleet are equipped with standard patient and crew safety features that elevate safety to a higher level. Additionally, the company is in a 3-year implementation period for deployment of driver behavior monitoring technology, collision-avoidance and lane-departure technology, as well as driver-feedback technology designed to mitigate drowsy and distracted driving incidents. The company is currently working to integrate the systems tested in Scottsdale into fleets in Indiana and New York.

Priority Ambulance will accept the award at the American Ambulance Association’s Annual Conference and Awards Dinner in Las Vegas on Sept. 7, 2018. At the ceremony, Priority Ambulance also will be awarded for Innovation in EMS for its innovative integration with Baptist Memorial Health Care in West Tennessee and Mississippi.

About Maricopa Ambulance

Maricopa Ambulance providers 9-1-1 and interfacility transport operations with a certificate of necessity (CON) that covers the majority of Maricopa County.

In 2018, Maricopa Ambulance became the 9-1-1 ambulance service provider to the City of Scottsdale partnering with the Scottsdale Fire Department. Maricopa Ambulance is recognized as a Premier EMS Agency by the Arizona Department of Health Services and is a member of the Arizona Hospital and Healthcare Association, the Arizona Health Care Association and the Arizona Ambulance Association. For more information, visit

About Priority Ambulance

Priority Ambulance serves more than 400,000 patients annually with approximately 2,800 highly trained paramedics and EMTs staffing a fleet of approximately 500 state-of-the-art vehicles with the latest medical equipment and technology. The fastest-growing ambulance company on the Inc 5000, Priority Ambulance operates in 10 states under trusted local brands providing emergency and non-emergency medical transport services.

Priority Ambulance company partners include Shoals Ambulance in Alabama; Maricopa Ambulance in Arizona; Puckett EMS in Georgia and Southeast Tennessee; Central EMS in Georgia; National EMS in Georgia; Seals Ambulance in Indiana; Kunkel Ambulance in Upstate New York; Trans Am Ambulance in western New York and Northwestern Pennsylvania; Medshore Ambulance in South Carolina; and Priority Ambulance in East Tennessee. Priority Ambulance also serves Baptist Memorial Health Care facilities in West Tennessee, Mississippi and Arkansas under the Baptist brand.

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